Racing Go Karts

Racing go karts is a fun past time for people of all ages. While many are familiar with enjoying a moderately paced race at an amusement park or family fun center, few ever embark on an amateur career in go kart racing. Typically racing go karts is just a stepping stone to something bigger and better for the driver. Go karts are traditionally very small and not always comfortable for an adult to sit in. Pre-teens and teenagers can get acquainted with racing go karts early on and even be involved in some amateur races.

Parents can get their children involved with racing go karts as early as age 8. The box car style go carts have attached siding to offer additional protection for the driver. Engines should also be governed to prevent a child from going over 25 to 30 miles per hour at full speed. Many larger cities have regional events where children can race during a specific season and the winner receives a trophy or metal at the end of the season.

Racing go karts is usually only the beginning for speed enthusiasts. As a child grows so does their interest in racing. Parents are able to transition their child from racing go karts into racing actual cars once they reach their teen years. Racing go karts and racing stock cars can be an affordable hobby for parents if their child is able to secure sponsors. Depending on where you live, it is possible to talk with local businesses, friends, family and relatives to help drum up enough money for a car, safety equipment, gear and racing fees.

There are many benefits to racing go karts. First, it teaches a child to be dedicated to something. Racing is not just a seasonal hobby. It is important for kids to practice their skill all year round on indoor tracks or outdoors when possible so that they can better maneuver their vehicle and continue to win races. It also gives children a first look at the importance of safety in any motor vehicle and also an introduction to how to drive a vehicle. All of these factors will greatly benefit a child as they continue to grow up.

If your child is interested in racing go karts then you should start by buying a new or used vehicle. Unless you are a certified mechanic, you should avoid purchasing a do-it-yourself kit. There are specific standards that a go kart must reach in order to be raced which vary by state and region. You will need to contact your local association to find out what specifications your go kart should fit in order for your child to race. A gently used vehicle that has been maintained will be good for starting. It is nice to have a vehicle that is already worn in so that the gears shift smoothly and the rider is able to comfortably get acquainted. You can also purchase a new vehicle for between $4,000 and $8,000.